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Balancing tires

  • Balance

    At our store we provide free balancing with the purchase of used or new tires.

    We provide excellent tire balancing service thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and our well-trained staff with years of experience.


    Balancing the car is costly, but it is very important for the safety of the car and prevents it from being damaged.

    An incorrect weight balance between a tire and a wheel is very easy to set up, as tire damage over time and use often changes the data.

    Even a slight difference in weight is capable of causing vibrations, albeit of a slight intensity, which, when repeated, can create greater problems that affect our driving safety.

    It is characteristic that even a small weight difference of 5 grams, if the car is running at 100 km / h, translates to 4 revolutions per second or 14,000 vibrations per hour, resulting in the steering wheel trembling at remarkable degree.

    In addition to a general feeling of vibration of the vehicle from one speed to the next, however, incorrect balancing can also lead to increased damage to the mechanical components, steering and tires, exacerbating the problem.

    You can make a proper balance that will eliminate all the vibrations that can be caused by an incorrect weight match.

    Tip: Even if there is no vibration detected, checking the balance will be good every 8 to 10,000 km, but every time we buy new tires we make some changes to our tires.

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