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Shipping Methods

  • The products sold are delivered to the Company’s physical store or at the place the customer has chosen before completing the order and concluding the sales contract, according to the relevant delivery options provided on the website of the Company. Delivery to the customer's place of choice is carried out by a courier provider, an external partner of the Company, and is delivered either to the customer or to a third party authorized by the Customer. In the event of a third party being authorized to receive the order, the Customer must notify the Company by email or any other appropriate means, prior to dispatch of the Product, of the product being received by a third party, indicating the details of this person. This third person cannot be the Deliverer-External Partner of the Company, except in the case of remote areas or areas that are not covered by the Company network and as long as the Customer chooses to hire their own carrier, indicated by the Company, to receive the products from the Company physical store. Upon receipt of the order, the customer will show to such external partner-carrier the order confirmation and notice of shipment, as well as an official identification document (e.g. ID card, passport or driving license). In the event of receipt by a third party, the authorized third party shall also indicate to the external partner – carrier, the relevant authorization of the client to receive the particular order, legally attested as provided for by Law.

    Shipping costs are determined by the destination of ​​the product. Deliveries take place on the ground floor, at the outside entrance of the place of delivery stated by the customer (eg at the entrance of the apartment building).

    Upon delivery of the products sold to the carrier or courier Company, as above, the risk of loss, damage or destruction is transferred from the Company to the customer/ buyer. The customer must inspect the purchased products upon receipt and state in writing that they have been duly received. In the event that the Customer does not receive the Products, the Company reserves the right to withdraw from the Contract.

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